I recently bought a GW Alchomite Stack. Before a quick tutorial to follow, here is the final result:

I received some questions after having finished the biggest part but I could still to do a step by step for the smallest chimney. After a first undercoat of black and a second of white, I airbrushed the chimney with a beige highlighted with white and added some spots of orange brown to prepare rust.

Then i used a blister moss with dark brown to simulate a chipped paint. It is quite simple and funny, just dip the moss in the paint and then stamp a surface to give it a chippy aspect. The objective here is not to have a perfect weathering but simply a nice aspect with little time spent on technique.

Try to put more paint on angles and other areas where the surface is more likely to have suffer damages and all sorts of frictions.

After that, I apply some paint with an old flat brush to have a chippy effect where i could use the blister moss (where it was too narrow for example).

The chipping is done (as mentioned earlier, the goal is simply about having a rough chippy aspect without spending too much time with possible highlighting effects). Afterwards, I painted pipes in silver. On the below pictures, a wash of Nuln Oil was already applied on them also. I also painted some part in Gold then put a wash of green ink in a second step. The wires received different colors but it is not of major importance for this step by step.

The oxidation effect is then started by putting some Agrax earthshade (or any other dark brown ink/paint) on spots where rust is likely to be. The brown is also used to darken the beige  part of the chimney.

Then the rust effect can be accentuated by applying some vivid orange (here it was GW zyta rust) where the most part of the rust could be found.

Some close-ups:

Now a quick gallery for the base. As I will mainly  use this scenery a for Dark Age, i wanted to keep the possibility to use it as a specific element of terrain for which i need a 6 inches round base ( a blast 3 template for insiders of the game).

I hope this could be useful, thanks for reading!


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